11 Jul

Sharing Industry Secrets: The Potato Head Cocktail

For anyone who lives in or has traveled to Bali, they have almost certainly heard of the famous Potato Head Beach Club Bali. It is a world-class spot with great DJs, beachfront views, unique architecture, fabulous menu, and some of the best cocktails one can find in Bali! The Deck Café & Bar at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Spa – Nusa Lembongan family knows it well. And we really enjoy their cocktails… A lot. So much so that we couldn’t live without one of them on Lembongan. We HAD to have it. With our friendship and support of the Potato Head family, and mostly their generosity, we were able to adapt their secret cocktail recipe of the Indus Nesos to become one of our most popular sunshine drinks! But what to name it? With the range of mixologists and cocktail gastronomy out there these days, the craziest of names are given to the most creative and unique of cocktails, and the choices are endless. With all the names we could have given this mouth-watering, lychee, coconut and vanilla palette of blended refreshing flavours, we were at a stand-still for the name. Then we thought, fair is fair, let’s pay respect to our generous friends at Potato Head, and name it just that – enter the Potato Head cocktail at The Deck Café & Bar, on Nusa Lembongan! Please come see what tickled our palettes that we just couldn’t live without, with a taste of the mainland on an island escape!

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