20 Aug

Nusa Lembongan Helping The Lombok Earthquake Relief Aid

Among many other businesses on Nusa Lembongan, Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa has been assisting in the donation collection efforts to help our neighbours on Lombok who have been tragically affected by the recent earthquakes shattering homes. The current count of those affected is over 320,000 Lombok residents who are injured, homeless, or have lost loved ones as a result of the recent earthquakes with the epicentre in North Lombok. Unfortunately the number keeps rising. Many locals have been left without shelter, clean water, emergency medical supplies, and food. Batu Karang is collecting donations to send directly to Project Karma #projectkarma (http://www.projectkarma.org.au), who have been on the ground in Lombok when the earthquakes occurred providing necessary emergency care & assistance. Communities all over Bali have remarkably come together at this time to assist where needed, as although the movements were well-felt in Bali, Bali luckily remained relatively unaffected. We are collecting all types of donations, and all money will be spent by Batu Karang Management to purchase from the required list provided by Project Karma and send directly to Lombok. Even the staff have donated from their own pockets, so can we 🙂