18 Jul

Introducing…. Mustard Music’s Secret DJ now on Lembongan

At The Deck Café & Bar at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa, we really like to be on top of our game. And our music game is right at the top of our priority list. So we decided to “up” our music game and introduce the newest system and social media music app called “Secret DJ.” Engineered by Australia’s “Mustard Music,” it is the latest and greatest in bar & lounge music scenes, where our guests can simply download the app, check-in, and see what is playing, what has been playing, and what is going to play. You can even “like” a song and add it right then and there linked to your Spotify playlists, buy it on iTunes, or preview the song again! Not only that, within the jukebox set that will be playing at that time, you can even pick a song from our list to play next! We are pretty excited about this, and while we can almost say “everybody’s doing it”, well, we can’t. Because it’s new, and it’s our new game changer for Nusa Lembongan. So when our Sunset Session DJs are having a break during the week, come have a visit and get involved in our music sharing. #mustardmusic #secretdj