22 Aug

Liquid Dessert In A Martini Glass at The Deck Café & Bar? Yes Please.

We have all had those cravings in the hot sun after a day in or near the sea… something sweet and cold, a nice tasty treat. Well, at The Deck Café & Bar at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa we have the spiked solution for you for those days when the normal go-tos just won’t cut it, the Bailey’s Crunch cocktail. It’s the twisted version of a good gelato cone, but in a fancy sophisticated glass of course, just the way we like our treats to be. Shaken with the ever-favorite Bailey’s, Dark Crème de Cacao, chocolate, & oreos, it will be difficult to resist this one, with every sip knowing how much of a treat it is. Imagine your favorite Oreo gelato cone, but rather in a nice glass with a dash of liquid courage. And chilled to cool you off in the Balinese sun. Ta-da! Please stop along our beautiful boardwalk and have one of our skilled bartenders shake up one of these cocktails that make you say “Wowwww!”