29 Aug

Behind Our Scenes: Meet Soly!

We have all types of characters behind our scenes at The Deck Cafe & Bar at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa – it’s what makes our world go around! And at the top of this unique character list is Soly. Even when we sat down to learn more about her, it was hard to get a word in with her banter and teasing with the other staff, to the point where they call her the “Naughty Girl.” Having worked at The Deck Cafe & Bar for three years after five and a half years at our sister restaurant, Muntigs Bar & restaurant, Soly loves her job at The Deck with the guests and the staff family, even when they tease her (we won’t name names, but there are some more than others!). Soly’s spirit is one of a kind with us, she is one of those people who is cheeky and can be so unapologetically even with the Management and Owners! Soly has two dogs, one at home, and the other, she claims, is another particular staff member at The Deck, who she also says to “stop being a girl & always talking!”. Ahhh Soly. In her time away from The Deck Cafe & Bar, Soly has one child, and has even been able to take her family to The Monkey Forest in Ubud where she had a really fun family holiday (watch your sunnies!). She would like to party as well, but she says that living on an Island you can’t get away with anything because everyone talks, so she has to try to be a good girl in the meantime. We love her either way, and invite you to come over for a gelato or a freshly shaken cocktail, and give Ms Soly a taste of her own cheeky medicine.