29 Nov

Keeping It Real With Our Planet Earth

At Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa, we are consciously and actively committed to reducing our carbon footprint on our planet. Being an eco-friendly resort with eco-friendly restaurant venues, we participate in many initiatives to respect the sustainability of Mother Nature. Our long-time policies range from our water treatment program, to the local recycling program, to donating food waste for the villages to feed the local animals, to our towel re-usage program, to re-using our water for flora & fauna life, several other water conservation efforts, to being 98% plastic bottle-free, & using bamboo straws at Muntigs Bar & Restaurant, just to name a few. At The Deck Café & Bar, we are proud to take it one step further with our paper straw initiative! With completely biodegradable straws, we are able to kick the garbage impact that much more and blend in with the beauty that our planet has given us (nevermind the view we get while sipping on whatever lush cocktail, fresh juice, or local kelapa you are sipping on that guilt-free paper straw from!). If straws aren’t your thing, you are invited free to say “no thank you” – we also embrace freedom of speech after all! So come by and keep it real with us, your carbon footprint is safe with us.