18 Dec

Behind Our Scenes: Meet Dewi

This lovely lady has been part of the Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa family for over seven years now, and we are lucky to have her at The Deck Café & Bar as a supervisor….please meet Dewi! You can experience her radiating energy, always smiling and happy, cracking jokes with no fear at the expense of the managers. Dewi started with the family at Muntigs Bar & Restaurant, and moved to The Deck Café & Bar to assist its opening, and we are sure happy she did. Being the only female supervisor at The Deck, her caring decorative skills adds the classic “woman’s touch” to make sure the café-bar is looking the way it should to the finer details. From the cocktails on the menu, to the coffees, to the staff, Dewi loves EVERYTHING (as she excitedly says) about working at The Deck. Even so much so that her husband works at another local bar, and they can often be found playing the “who’s cocktails are better” game with each other!! Friendly and fun of course. When she is not practicing her English, Dewi can be found singing in the bathroom (especially Balinese music!), and loves decorating and family time. Dewi even used to write poetry back in her single days before her family, and is very strong in her local spiritual practice. What’s her favorite cocktail to make at The Deck? The Mango Daiquiri by far!!!!! She says it’s actually a part of her heart now she loves it so much. With that passion who could resist a little visit to be on the receiving end of one of her warm smiles and beautiful cocktails?! We invite you to come by anytime for a little Dewi banter and care.