09 Jan

La Dolce Lembongan Vita: The Negroni

While the origins of this cocktail are slightly debatable, there is one undeniable fact: The Negroni is an icon. As Kate Moss is to modelling, as black is to colours, as Raquel Welch & Al Pacino are to acting, as Capri is to the Amalfi Coast, as champagne is to the French….The Negroni kills it with the cocktails. And thanks to our new Italian mixologist & Bar Manager, Luca Rosignoli, at The Deck Cafe & Bar at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa, he has now brought his Italian Negroni expertise & personal specialty to make this authentic recipe one of the best in Bali. Don’t argue with the Italians! Originally created as an “aperitivo,” history says that it was introduced in 1919 in Florence, Italy, at a small cafe called Caffè Casoni. It is said that the Count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender to make his Americano cocktail stronger by adding gin rather than soda water, and swap the lemon with an orange…. and saluté! The classic Negroni. While the ingredients may be standard, the method is the key to the madness of the Negroni, and we are not giving away Luca’s secrets, you just have to come try one for yourself….And the “ciliegina sulla glassa” (cherry on the icing), is that our local staff have been trained on the authentic Italian way for this one. Anytime, giorno or notte, our Nusa Lembongan view is waiting.