16 May

Behind Our Scenes: Training Our Staff


The heart of any business is the staff. Full of personality, warmth, skills & knowledge, it is the staff who come face to face with the guests and complete the experience. At The Deck Cafe & Bar, Muntigs Bar & Restaurant at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa, we are very fortunate to have the staff that we do, creating a genuine family atmosphere. However behind the scenes, hours of regular training occur to keep the knowledge & skills fresh, particularly with their English language training! Recently, a group of 20 Food & Beverage staff completed their Qooco English language training programme (www.qooco.com), an online & app programme whereby they do 15 minutes of exercises per day with English language specific to Food & Beverage. Some guests have had the chance to see the staff speaking and repeating English into their phones, correcting their pronunciation, and sharing a little laugh! This app includes voice, pronunciation, grammar, and job-related vocabulary & phrases, finishing off with a game at the end of each module. This training was conducted both on their own time, and some on-the-job, but in the end they completed over 40 hours of training over the course of 5 months to improve their English! And it is sure noticeable, especially with their confidence. We are very proud of the language trainees, and have already started the next batch of 20 staff to carry on the training. This is all with the goal to improve the Batu Karang guest experience, and as another way we are proudly able to give back to the Nusa Lembongan community.