28 Aug

Behind Our Scenes: Meet Mudano

Often in the service industry, it is the staff on the front lines who get the recognition and attention. However at The Deck Cafe & Bar at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa, we understand that everyone’s jobs are just as important as the rest, and one of the backbones to our front line staff is the lovely local Mudano! Always working with a big, friendly smile on his face, the can-do attitude, it is difficult to find Mudano not giving it his 110% effort. Having worked with the Batu Karang family for 6 years, Mudano started in the kitchen and moved to The Deck 2 years ago, although he likes them both the same! What does he like most about his job here? He says his bosses, his friends, and he also likes the actual work he does. It’s hard not to with the view and the vibe, but when someone gives as much effort as he does with the positive energy its hard not to appreciate the staff who make the business what it is. We are very proud of him, and particularly to see his growth with us over the years. So please come by and see for yourself, it will be a good excuse to practice your Indonesian with him and let him practice his English with you! We hope to see you soon.