03 Sep

The Best Cafes on Nusa Lembongan

Bali is famous for its cafes, and at The Deck Cafe & Bar at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa, we have to stay one step ahead of the game to bring our cafe experts something a little different. While we know that you can get your Gluten-Free this, and Wheat-Free that at oodles of cafes on the mainland, Nusa Lembongan separates itself being an island experience, and some treats of venues to match. So feast your eyes on some of our favourite unique experiences when you’re looking to jazz it up from the typical cafe:

1. Muntigs Bar & Restaurant Balcony Bar. They do coffee, and they do it properly. Using a light blend of Kintamani beans blended just for Batu Karang, this coffee can not be found anywhere else in the world. The baristas know their stuff, and any coffee snob will agree. Forget the four-walled indoor cafes when you have this open-air view of the turquoise sea, bright bougainvillea bushes, and stretches of Jungut Batu beach. Enjoy a coffee at its best!

2. The Howff Whisky, Gin, & Wine Bar Tapas. Ok you got us, it’s not “technically” a cafe, but the tapas here *could* be found at a (very) special cafe. But guess what, it’s NOT and it’s offered right here at The Howff instead! Shamelessly recommending this beautiful venue, you don’t know whether you have found yourself in the UK or in Bali. And the tapas here are fresh, quality, sweet & savoury. If you’re after something a little lighter, these dishes are best shared….or even on your own. Open after 5pm until midnight, The Howff beats anything normal. Come see for yourself!


3. Batu Karang Lembongan Pool Bar. Some cafes have pools, and some don’t. So any guest staying at Batu Karang can experience this one that does, offering a swim-up bar experience and fresh, tasty poolside light delights! Lazing in the sun, you certainly don’t want to, a. lose your daybed spot, or b. get up for some food, so we can bring you some of our colourful salads or healthy wraps right to you. Not sure of many mainland cafes offering this service, but anyway, for a luxury experience, don’t forget to slot some time for this one – we have got you covered!


4. The Deck Sports With A View. So your favourite team is playing, but the sun is shining and Mount Agung is showing off. The sea is that bright turquoise and you don’t want to miss it (cameras, please! Time to show off to your friends & family!). So we have the best of both worlds for you – live sports at The Deck Cafe & Bar! There are limited venues on Nusa Lembongan showing sports, and we are the only one with the sea view showing your favourite teams. Every weekend we have a selected roster, so check in at The Deck or on our Facebook page for the updates. Then there’s no excuses for supporting your teams.


We like to call them “creative cafes,” but whatever your interpretation, be sure to check one or two (or all!) of these out on your next Nusa Lembongan trip. We can’t WAIT to see you!